International freight forwarding sales
2023/8/15 15:46:13

Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for sales through international logistics channels, identifying and developing potential customers, and maintaining existing customers;

2、Familiarize oneself with channels and advantages, conduct inquiries, quotations, and prepare after the customer places an order

Full chain tracking service to solve problems that arise during the logistics process for customers;

3、Maintain customer relationships, promptly understand customer needs, and provide products or services that customers require, assisting in handling customer complaints;

4、Responsible for arranging the production of various documents and other related documents, and recording relevant expenses;

5、Communicate with clients and agents, provide professional information consultation and necessary documentation in a timely manner.

Recruitment requirements

1、College degree or above, possessing certain market analysis and judgment skills, and a good sense of customer service;

2、International trade, logistics, marketing or related majors, with at least one year of experience in the freight forwarding industry;

3、Have sharp market insight, strong sense of career, responsibility, and a positive work attitude;

4、Ability to speak and write English.

*Apply Email to:hr2@talentsgroup.com.cn
Foreign sales rep
2023/8/15 15:27:37

Job Responsibilities1、Develop new customers and projects;
2、Attain sales target with a focus on the target market;
3、Provide good service to customers and enhance the cooperation relationship;
4、Collect valid market data and report it to the supervisor(including new products, clients, projects, competitors etc) ;
5、Complete daily jobs in sales.

Recruitment requirements1、 To challenge yourself and pursue high salary ;
2、Can be a good team player and show much enthusiasm in the performance of duties;
3、Have excellent English communication skills; be able to understand and adapt to different foreign cultures;
4、Have an enormous capacity for the pressure of work;
5、Master foreign trade knowledge and process;
6、Bachelor's degree or more, and have 3 years' foreign sales experience.

*Apply Email to:hr2@talentsgroup.com.cn
Structural Design Engineer
2023/8/15 15:54:18

Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in product drawing and design;

2. Responsible for follow-up verification and testing of products, sample production.

3. Participate in improving new equipment debugging.

Recruitment requirements

1. Proficient in using PROE and CAD, proficient in drawing;

2. Ability to draw curves and graphs;

3. It is best to have project tracking experience

4. College degree or above, with at least three years of relevant experience, possessing certain ability to analyze and solve problems;

5. Having good teamwork skills, able to lead a team to complete project development;

6. Has good learning ability and can withstand certain work pressure.

Tooling engineer
2023/8/15 15:27:57

Job Responsibilities1、 Audit the qualification of mold and molding factories.

2、Collaborate with R&D team to assess the possibility of new project development, review the mold design and offer technical proposals and solutions.

3、Follow the process of tooling from T0 to Pre-pilot run.

Recruitment requirements1、Full time Bachelor's degree or above.

2、Minimum 3 years' experience in mold engineering. Be familiar with injection moldingdie-casting molding and procedures of production.

3、Master UG8.5 and Auto CAD software.

4、Experience in mold purchase is preferred. 

*Apply Email to:hr2@talentsgroup.com.cn
R & D Engineer
2023/8/15 15:29:34

Job Responsibilities1、Responsible for new product market research and program design;
2、Responsible for part design of new products, including device selection, structure diagram design, etc.;
3、Responsible for the compilation and summary of new product design output data, testing and debugging data;
4、Responsible for timely handling of technical issues related to old products;
5、Responsible for the technical training of the developed products, do a good job in technical docking with relevant departments, and provide customer technical support;
6、Responsible for technical improvement of old products.

Recruitment requirements1、College degree or above, with more than three years of relevant experience, with certain problem analysis and solving skills;
2、Good judgment, communication, coordination and overall planning skills, strong quality promotion and communication skills;
3、Good teamwork ability, able to lead the team to complete the project development;
4、Have good learning ability and can withstand certain work pressure.

*Apply Email to:hr2@talentsgroup.com.cn
Quality engineer
2023/8/15 15:29:47

Job Responsibilities1、Responsible for production inspection、quality control and make relevant documents;
2、Responsible for quality checking for production and incoming material; make analysis and corrective action if issues happen;
3、make relevant tests and analysis for big quality problems; propose improvement actions on paper;
4、Summarize all kinds of quality problems, causes; make quality control standards, issue-resolution procedures and work instructions ;
5、Resolve quality problems.

*Apply Email to:hr2@talentsgroup.com.cn
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