Lotion pump
Foam pump External Spring Lotion Pump Lotion pump Left/right pump Mist sprayer Cream pump Trigger sprayer Bottle More
product number
All L2-24-400-A L2-24-400-D L2-24-410-A L2-24-410-AN L2-24-410-B L2-24-410-C L2-24-410-H L2-24-410-L L2-24-410-M L2-24-410-P L2-24-410-Q L2-24-410-R L2-24-410-W L2-24-415-B L2-24-415-C L2-24-415-V L2-28-410-A L2-28-410-B L2-28-410-E L2-28-410-G L2-28-410-H L2-28-410-IA L2-28-410-J L2-28-410-K L2-28-410-L L2-28-410-M L2-28-410-N L2-28-410-Q L2-28-410-R L2-28-410-S L2-28-410-T L2-28-410-UD L2-28-410-W L2-28-410-YB L2-28-415-I L4-28-410-BEO L4-28-410-DN L4-28-410-EO L4-28-410-FP L4-33-400-HA L4-33-410-A L4-33-410-AI L4-33-410-AK L4-33-410-AP L4-33-410-AR L4-33-410-AT L4-33-410-AU L4-33-410-AZ L4-33-410-B L4-33-410-BH L4-33-410-BQ L4-33-410-BU L4-33-410-BW L4-33-410-C L4-33-410-DD L4-33-410-EB L4-33-410-F L4-33-410-G L4-33-410-H L4-33-410-I L4-33-410-J L4-33-410-K L4-33-410-LD L4-33-410-M L4-33-410-N L4-33-410-O L4-33-410-P L4-33-410-Q L4-33-410-R L4-33-410-S L4-33-410-T L4-33-410-UD L4-33-410-V L4-33-410-WD L4-33-410-X L4-33-410-Y L4-33-410-YA L4-33-410-Z L5-24-410-A L5-24-410-B L5-24-410-B-M L5-24-410-R
neck size
All 24-400 24-410 24-415 28-410 28-415 33-410
All 1.0CC 2.0CC 4.0CC 4.5CC
available finish
All Smooth/Ribbed/Aluminium/Plating/Water Transfer/Bamboo
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Talents Packing Int'l Ltd.
Fangda building, No.11, Keji South 12 road, Yuehai street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Talents Packing Technology Limited.
203, No.1100, Jinzhou Road, Tangjiawan Town, High-tech Zone, Zhuhai
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Service:Monday - Friday
Consultation:09:00 - 18:00
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